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Kirk Cameron Defends Homosexuality Remarks, Calls Piers Morgan Interview ‘Disingenuous’

Kirk Cameron has recently made a return to headlines due to his comments about homosexuality on Piers Morgan Tonight. On Tuesday’s Fox & Friends, Cameron defended his remarks and went on to criticize the ‘disingenuous’ way in which Morgan conducted the interview. The appearance was to discuss his upcoming movie Monumental, Cameron said, not to talk about issues like gay marriage and contraception.

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“I don’t change my feeling about the comments,” he said, adding that his views on homosexuality have been consistent, and what he said was nothing new. (During the interview, he said homosexuality is “unnatural” and destructive to civilization.)

What Cameron took issue against is Morgan’s approach to the interview:

“What disheartens me, to be honest with you, is that when you’re sitting across the table from someone who knows what your perspective is on issues — and I’ve been very consistent, I don’t think anything I said surprised anybody as a Bible-believing Christian — but to then take some answers, reduce an important and personal and sensitive issue to a four-second soundbite, and toss it into a community to start a political bonfire and really upset people that you’re saying you’re looking to protect, I think it’s disingenuous.”

Steve Doocy added, “No one’s watching that show anyway” — a remark that, of course, no one contested.

Take a look, via Fox:

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