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Kirsten Powers And Fox Panel Hit Obama For Over-Hyping Sequester, Playing ‘Silly’ ‘Blame Game’

Hours before the sequester spending cuts were set to take effect, Fox News’ Bret Baier assembled a panel to discuss whether President Obama‘s dire warnings about furloughs were a bit of an exaggeration as well as whether he’s unfairly blaming Republicans.

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers criticized the president for exaggerating the extent of the cuts when “there will be people who lose their jobs.” As for the “blame game,” Powers said, “for the president to pretend this is something that organically happened and he had nothing to do with it is silly.” She added that when he said he would stand up to members of his own party on entitlements, it was nothing more than “lip service.”

Next, contributor Steve Hayes declared that “this is one of the worst weeks the president has had in a couple of years,” alluding to the administration’s spat with Bob Woodward in addition to the sequester.

Charles Krauthammer offered perhaps the most ominous outlook on President Obama’s next steps when it comes to working with Congress on the budget, saying he’s out to “destroy” the Republican-led House and this whole thing is a “political game.”

Overall, the segment on Fox offered a dire vision for the coming months as the President and Congress attempt to move past this low moment of inaction and attempt to get the country’s budget in order.

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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