Kirsten Powers Battles O’Reilly: What Exactly Would Be Accomplished by Sebelius Resigning?

On Wednesday night’s O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly and Kate Obenshain agreed that Kathleen Sebelius should resign over the embarrassing mismanagement of Obamacare, but Kirsten Powers disagreed. She said that Obamacare has been a bit of a trainwreck so far, but wasn’t quite sure exactly what her resigning would accomplish.

She said it “wouldn’t help” the White House at all, because “You don’t, in the middle of a crisis, get rid of the person who’s basically trying to fix the crisis.”

O’Reilly made an awkward joke about the Japanese practice of hara-kiri before Obenshain jumped in to argue the “blatant incompetence” of Sebelius would have easily gotten her fired if she worked in the private sector. Powers still said it’s unlikely “her resigning would solve something.”

She even told O’Reilly, “I just don’t know why it’s so important to you that she has to resign.” O’Reilly said he has a very deep disrespect of Sebelius and that if the White House wants to be taken seriously it needs to start holding people accountable.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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