Kirsten Powers: I Couldn’t Stay Silent On Weiner’s ‘Sociopathic’ And ‘Misogynistic’ Behavior

Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers spoke out about her past relationship with Congressman Anthony Weiner with Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher and how she believed his communications with various women demonstrated misogynistic behavior. Today she appeared on Reliable Sources and told Howard Kurtz she couldn’t stay silent on his behavior just because Weiner was a former friend.

Powers admitted she was shocked to learn Weiner had lied to her and felt sorry for him as she witnessed his life fall apart. However, her opinion started to shift towards disgust with his behavior after she remembered the denials he made to various interviewers and read the contents of the various text messages he sent. Powers concluded such behavior was “sociopathic” and that Weiner truly needed help.

Regarding her statements calling for Weiner’s resignation and blasting his treatment of women, Powers suggested “I didn’t want to do it, but I felt I had to do it.” With Weiner now getting some type of treatment, Powers was happy for him, but still unsure how anyone would be able to trust him again in the future.

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