Kirsten Powers On Bill Maher’s Misogynist Comments: White House Just ‘Doesn’t Care’

After a week of attacking Rush Limbaugh for his comments and subsequent apology to Sandra Fluke, Fox News Watch took a look at the media’s response to it– particularly Bill Maher‘s, who has also come under fire for sexist comments, and the White House’s, to whose SuperPAC Maher donated $1 million recently. The panel agreed with the idea of there being a “war on women” in politics, but that it cut both ways, and a double standard was prevalent and benefiting liberals.

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“People are completely ignoring Bill Maher,” Kirsten Powers noted, calling it “bizarre.” Powers has been on the forefront of calling for an equivalent reaction to Maher as that publicly against Limbaugh, and received plenty of support on the panel for pointing out the discrepancy between the Republicans asked about Limbaugh and the lack of condemnation of Maher.

Andrea Tantaros agreed that “there’s absolutely a double standard,” but added that there was a political angle to this that required attention: “the White House loves this,” she argued, “because it distracts from the issue at hand”– making religious institutions pay for services incongruent with their beliefs Judith Miller agreed, but shifted back to the “war on women”– “it’s either subtle or not, but it’s there.” She praised Powers for standing up against liberal misogyny despite being a Democrat, and noted that it was not just “liberals, but many people who should have known better” that attacked Sarah Palin and Rep. Michele Bachmann.

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The panel then looked at the White House response to the pushback on Maher– with White House spokesman Bill Burton arguing that Maher was a “comedian,” whereas Limbaugh was “the de facto head of the Republican Party.” “Money talks really loudly,” Jim Pinkerton noted, enough to silence complaint– if they condemn Maher, others may not donate as he did. Powers disagreed with the idea that money was driving the silence. “It’s not necessarily about the money… I really don’t think they care.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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