Kirstie Alley Almost Says “Bullsh*t” Live On Today Show

Is Kirstie Alley‘s new diet company “Organic Liaison” connected to the Church of Scientology, of which she’s a member?

Reports vary, but she says the idea there is a connection is bullsh…oh Kirstie, you can’t say that on network morning television!

Meredith Vieira interviewed Alley live in studio during the 8am hour of the Today show this morning. After an edited report about the new diet company, which touched on the possible Scientology connection, Vieira asked her first question. “I wasn’t going to start with the whole Scientology controversy but I watched you watching that….”

“Well it’s such bullshi…can I say that?” she started.

Vieira cut in: “No you can not!”

No, you can not. For what it’s worth, Alley’s main argument against why there isn’t a connection is because she’s so cheap.

Check it out:

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