Kiss Cam Pain: Basketball Fans Boo Until President Obama Gives The First Lady A Kiss

While taking in Team USA’s basketball game against Brazil, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama found themselves on kiss cam. The two cuddled and smiled but, alas, didn’t kiss. This prompted the PDA-hungry crowd to boo, as PDA-hungry crowds are wont to do. [All kidding aside, can we collectively chill on booing the First Family? This First Family, the former First Family, all of them, any of them. An obnoxious chant of “Kiss! Her! Kiss! Her!” would have sufficed, PDA-Hungry Crowd.]

The kiss-craving horde was finally placated when, upon finding the camera on him a second time (and with encouragement from his daughter, Malia), the President finally leaned in for a kiss, topping it off with a second peck on his wife’s forehead.

Lord. Poor Michelle. Kiss cams are guhross. Have a look at the Presidential PDA, via MSNBC:

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