‘Kiss My Black Ass!’: Wilmore Rips Apart Murdoch’s ‘Bullsh*t’ Tweet


Larry Wilmore wasn’t going to let Trevor Noah have the last word on Rupert Murdoch’s “real black president” tweet:

“Let’s unpack this 140 character put-down for the nearly 140-year-old character,” The Nightly Show host said on Thursday. “I haven’t seen that much racism packed into one vehicle since Amsted came to America.”

“So he blames one black man for not properly addressing the racial divide,” Wilmore continued, “and he does it by racially dividing him with another black man.”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

On the concept of “real black,” Wilmore denounced the “bullshit definition that white people made up to subjugate an entire group of people.” He cited Wikipedia for the “one-drop rule,” which states that “any person with even one ancestor of sub-Saharan-African ancestry (“one drop” of black blood) is considered to be black.” And “if you look at Blackipedia, it says, ‘go fuck yourself.'”

Wilmore posited that Murdoch only views Ben Carson as a potential “real black president,” because he is Murdoch’s “brand of black person.”

But more importantly, Wilmore asked, “Why do you think it’s up to black people to heal the racial divide? How do you think the racial divide started? We didn’t enslave ourselves! Or come up with Jim Crow so we could live on the margins of society!”

“You had 43 presidents who had the chance to clean up that mess,” Wilmore added, “and now there’s a brother in the White House and you’re handing him a mop? You can kiss my black ass, now that’s real black!”

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