Klobuchar Dismisses Concerns of Impeachment Helping Trump: ‘We Have a Constitutional Duty’ to Hold Him Accountable

Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) said the impeachment evidence against Donald Trump should eventually be deliberated the Senate, even if it’s possible the effort will be thrown out there.

In a Sunday interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Klobuchar expressed support for bringing the impeachment inquiry’s evidence before a senate trial, saying “you can’t just close your eyes to this.” After condemning Republicans for their ongoing efforts to expose the Ukraine scandal whistleblower, Stephanopoulos asked her about a number of recent polls suggesting public support for impeachment has declined.

“Is there any danger that going forward this could end up helping Trump?” Stephanopoulos asked. “Are you concerned [that] you go forward, there’s impeachment, there’s a Senate trial, he’s acquitted and it ends up helping the president?”

Klobuchar dismissed those concerns, adding that “we have a constitutional duty” to say “enough is enough.”

“We cannot have a president using his position to advance his interests,” Klobuchar said. “This is part of a pattern. Put the impeachment aside, this is a president who is constantly putting his political interests, his partisan and private interests in front of the country…There’s a much bigger argument and the American people understand this.”

Watch above, via ABC.

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