Knife Unearthed at O.J. Simpson’s Estate, LAPD Launches ‘Top Secret’ Investigation


Well, this is something.

TMZ is reporting that a knife was unearthed at the former estate of O.J. Simpson, noted murder suspect.

A construction worker exhumed the folding buck knife while the house was being demolished, reportedly. The knife was in fact located “years ago — we have heard several different stories, ranging from ‘several years ago’ to 1998,” TMZ writes.

According to TMZ’s report, the construction worker gave the knife to a police officer, who pocketed it and kept it in his private possession for the past several years. It only came on their radar recently because the cop, now retired, asked a friend still on the force for the Departmental Record (DR) number of the Simpson case. Apparently he wanted to memorialize the knife by framing it on his wall, and planned to engrave the number on the frame.

The LAPD — predictably — went ballistic, and demanded the knife to be returned to evidence. It is currently being examined by detectives in what the celebrity gossip site refers to as a “top secret investigation,” which is being “logged into the LAPD’s computer system outside the official case file to maintain security.

TMZ Executive Producer Harvey Levin told Fox 5, “There are signs that it in fact had blood on it.”

Simpson was tried for the 1994 murders of his wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ron Goldman. Since Simpson was acquitted in 1995, the murder case is still technically open — although he cannot be tried again.

Check out the report above, via Fox 5.

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