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Krauthammer Blasts O’Reilly for His ‘Weaselly’ Defense of Trump

BillandKrauthammerCharles Krauthammer blasted Bill O’Reilly for failing to take Donald Trump to task for the role his incendiary language had perhaps played in the violence erupting at his rallies.

Responding to O’Reilly’s Talking Point segment, in which the host blamed protesters and let Trump off the hook for the disturbances at his events, Krauthammer accused O’Reilly of downplaying the role Trump had played in normalizing and encouraging violence.

Specifically, he pointed to Trump’s stated intention to the pay the legal fees of a man who sucker-punched a protester and enthused, “Next time we may have to kill him”; his expressed fondness for the days when protesters were carried out on stretchers; and the fact that he has expressed a desire to punch hecklers in the face.

“Are you letting Trump off the hook on this?” Krauthammer demanded.

“I’m not — I’ve said he has to readjust his rhetoric,” O’Reilly responded.

“Come on Bill! ‘Readjust the rhetoric’? What kind of weaselly words are those? ‘Readjust the rhetoric’?”

“All right,” O’Reilly demurred. “I’m — I’m trying to deal with this in a fair and balanced way.”

Krauthammer continued by charging that O’Reilly’s evasive defense of Trump was not enough to whitewash the candidate’s provocative language and his failure to condemn the violent acts of his supporters.

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