Krauthammer Chides Bannon for Saying ‘Out Loud’ Confederate Memorials Are ‘Winning Issue’


News of Steve Bannon‘s exit from the White House has been a topic on all of cable news today, and Special Report with Bret Baier was no exception. When it became the turn of conservative thought leader Charles Krauthammer to opine, he reminded viewers of the similarities between Bannon’s situation and Anthony Scaramucci‘s, both of whom mistakenly provided damaging interviews to journalists thinking that they were “off the record.”

Krauthammer made clear that he thought that there was already “several strikes against Bannon” but focused on his interview with American Prospect where he undermined the president’s policy on North Korea, “basically saying it’s a bluff and it’s an empty bluff.” Krauthammer then spoke on “the China part where he said we’re at war, economic war with China, just when the president is trying to use Chinese influence on the North Korea problem.”

But Krauthammer also brought up the issue of Confederate memorials too:

And then this. I mean, it may be that they have made their calculation, the president has, particularly when he came out for retaining the confederate memorials. This is a winning issue. If you look at the polls, it is a winning issue. And they want to play this, in part, to get away from the Charlottesville press conference.

But, also, in part because it’s a winning issue, cultural issue inside the country. But you don’t say it out loud. That’s what I think was so amazing about this. Bannon is saying we want race to be an issue. We want the country to be divided over this. Because we’re gonna win.

Krauthammer is a very respected political mind, and in many ways he should be lauded for his candor here. His critics, however, might take issue with the brazen admission that the issue of Confederate Memorials that is just another symptom of a divided America, is a winning cultural issue that “we’re gonna win” (presumably speaking for just the Republican side of the United States.)

And his admission “but you don’t say it out loud” just before his lamentation that “Bannon is saying we want race to be an issue,” is certain to be evidence to those who feel like some play the race card like it is a political football.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News, and see for yourself.

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