Krauthammer: Kasich Whines About Not Getting Time at Debates and Then Pulls Out of One?

krauthammerJohn Kasich has complained in the past about not getting enough time to speak at the debates, which is why Fox’s Charles Krauthammer found it odd he skipped out on the now-cancelled Fox News debate.

Trump declared on Fox this morning he won’t do the debate because he’s tired of debates. Rather than continuing on with Ted Cruz, Kasich pulled out and Fox called off the debate.

Krauthammer found that odd:

“In about ten of the debates, he complains that he’s being ignored, not getting enough time, whining about it again and again… and then here he’s being offered two hours without the interruptions of Trump, just him and Cruz, he can present his case, and he turns it down. I don’t know what game he’s playing.”

The Kasich campaign said they withdrew because they were hoping to contrast his positive vision with Trump’s divisive one. Krauthammer suggested instead that maybe Kasich wants the VP slot.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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