Krauthammer: Obama Now Just ‘Decides What the Law Is Going to Be’ Every Morning

The latest Obamacare delay has renewed cries on the right of lawlessness and arbitrary enforcement of the law from the White House. On Special Report Wednesday, Charles Krauthammer quipped it’s as simple as the president waking up in the morning and deciding what the law will be that day.

Krauthammer remarked on the “crazy paradox” that the point of Obamacare was to take care of the 30 million uninsured, but a new report says the number of uninsured under Obamacare will hit 31 million in just a few years. He said the administration has been “fudging” and “inflating” the numbers ad infinitum, and it’s at the point now, he argued, that the law is whatever President Obama wants it to be.

“Remember how Democrats were complaining that Republicans were trying to overturn Obamacare, it was somehow unpatriotic, because it was an attack on the law of the land. This law of the land doesn’t even exist. It exists in Obama’s head. It’s whatever he thinks. He wakes up in the morning and decides what the law is gonna be.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[h/t Daily Caller]

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