Krauthammer on Impeaching Trump: I Opposed His Candidacy But ‘That Would Be a Catastrophic Mistake’


On Thursday night, Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer spoke to Tucker Carlson about the dangers of the “political establishment” pursuing the impeachment of President Trump.

Carlson had mentioned that the rhetoric for Trump’s impeachment began the day he won the election and that his voters may interpret that they’re not allowed to pick their own president.

“That’s why I believe we’re heading into choppy and dangerous constitutional waters,” Krauthammer reacted. “We know what the Democrats want to do. They want to get control of the House on Day One they’re gonna start impeachment.”

Krauthammer noted that he opposed Trump’s candidacy during the election because he didn’t believe Trump was fit for the presidency.

“But fitness is not a reason for impeachment and removal, high crimes are,” he stated. “Here we have a prosecutor looking for high crimes… perhaps they’ll find one. As of yet, I haven’t heard of one.”

He went on to insist that if the political establishment, which he notes include both Democrats and Republicans, take Trump out of office, he said “that would be a catastrophic mistake.”

“It will cause a rupture in the country where people will say, ‘When we people, the ones who’s been abandoned, elect someone we like, our guy’s getting taken out? I thought we had a stable democracy.'”

He concluded by saying “if you think a man is unfit, vote against him, but you don’t remove him from office and that’s what I’m afraid we are heading.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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