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Krauthammer, Powers Pan Obama’s Syria Speech: Said ‘Nothing New,’ Will Have ‘Zero Effect’

Immediately following President Obama‘s speech to the nation on Syria, the panel on Fox News panned it, with Charles Krauthammer saying it will have absolutely no effect on the public, while Kirsten Powers didn’t find anything new or convincing in the president’s remarks.

Krauthammer admitted Obama “made the most coherent case he has up until now for military action,” but doubted the public would respond to it. He also called out Obama for making Syria about taking a moral stand against horrible actions, saying the very fact our only ally is France “makes a sham of the idea that this is somehow some statement by all of humanity by the community of nations.”

Fox News national security analyst KT McFarland concluded from the speech that Obama has no Plan B for if Assad doesn’t accept a diplomatic solution or is “everybody calls his bluff.” Meanwhile, Powers said the speech would probably have been more effective if it had been given sooner, calling out the Obama administration for jumping from comparing Assad to Hitler to assuring only limited strikes are necessary.

Fox News military analyst Robert Scales said, “Military force is good for winning wars, it’s not good at nuance or restoring credibility or things of that sort. Military force is force.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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