Krauthammer Mocks Trump on Transgender Ban: ‘Not How You Run a Railroad’

We’ve noted in numerous previous posts that Charles Krauthammer holds a special place in the lineup of Fox News conservative though-leaders. Regardless of one’s political beliefs, he is a very smart guy and his insights are deeply respected in right-of-center circles. So when he opines on something as controversial as T\President Trump‘s announcement of banning transgender individuals from military on Twitter today, people notice.

As the headline indicates, Mr. Krauthammer — a vocal critic of President Donald Trump — did not demur in his mockery of the chaotic manner this White House rolled out this new policy, seemingly catching military brass ensconced in the Pentagon off-guard.

“You don’t release a policy like this and make a reversal without having an answer to the simple question, such as are you going to withdraw people right now in the field who are transgender,” Krauthammer mused to a Special Report panel hosted by Bret Baier. Other panelists were more generous in their assessment of the presidential tweets from this morning.

Krauthammer concluded, “This is not how you run a railroad. No matter how you feel about the underlying issue, this is really bizarre.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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