Krauthammer: ‘Ridiculous’ GOP Congress And ‘Embarrassing’ Candidates Are Handing Obama A Victory

President Obama’s consistent lead over most Republican contenders has taken some on the right by surprise, given his low approval ratings and the bad economy the administration can’t seem to shake. To Charles Krauthammer, none of the credit should go to President Obama, however, but to the “embarrassing” Republican candidates and the “ridiculous” behavior of the Congressional Republican leadership.

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Krauthammer explained during Special Report today that President Obama has mostly been a “passive observer” to a landscape that has been remarkably favorable to him and his administration despite the bad times domestically. Krauthammer attributed the “ridiculous way the Republicans have conducted themselves in Congress” for “making Obama look like at least a grown-up,” while Republicans have had “an almost year-long exposure to a weak Republican field.” “The fact that Santorum is the last standing alternative,” he explained, “think of how this is going: Trump, Bachmann, Perry, then Cain, then Newt– who’s really in decline now– Ron Paul, who is on the ascent but not electable, then Santorum.”

Concluding that “Every alternative is going to get a try,” Krauthammer highlighted how the weak field made a difference by arguing, “imagine a race with a Mitch Daniels, Paul Ryan, Christie, Thune… it would’ve had a completely different complexion” instead of having “embarrassing candidates like Cain and others.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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