Krauthammer: The Word ‘Offensive’ Is ‘Too Weak’ for Trump’s ‘Barstool Eruptions’

krauthammerFor all the ways some conservatives have embraced Donald Trump, various Fox News pundits have expressed their displeasure and disgust with The Donald. Most prominently among them is Charles Krauthammer, who has trashed Trump for years and has received quite the earful from him multiple times. Well, today, Krauthammer said “the word ‘offensive’ is too weak” for Trump’s “insult” to Mexican immigrants.

Bret Baier said, “So you think he’s a xenophobe.” Krauthammer responded, “That’s his entire campaign.”

He argued that Trump is just all about dumping on other nations and getting tough with them, but rather than elevating him to a man with serious ideas, what he has is “eruptions, barstool eruptions.”

And Krauthammer lamented how the current 2016 GOP field is one of the strongest in recent history but everyone’s focused on the “rodeo clown.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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