Krauthammer: ‘There’s Not a Person in Washington Who Thinks That There Actually Was a Wiretap’

Charles Krauthammer told Fox’s Tucker Carlson tonight that President Trump‘s wiretapping tweets makes you question Trump’s credibility “on anything.”

Carlson interviewed Trump yesterday and pressed him on those allegations he made and why he couldn’t have waited for confirmation first. Carlson followed up tonight by saying the White House is handling this poorly because there is a very real discussion to be had here about electronic communications of Trump advisors likely being swept up by intelligence agencies. The way Trump and people in his orbit are responding isn’t helping.

Krauthammer said, “It makes you question the credibility of the president on anything.”

He told Carlson that “there’s not a person in Washington who thinks that there actually was a wiretap, that this is true,” and even went so far as to say that Trump “seems to have a belief in conspiracy theories.”

Krauthammer did add that there’s also no evidence yet of Russian collusion with Team Trump, pointing specifically to statements from two former intel chiefs.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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