Krauthammer to O’Reilly: It’s Not Just Democrats, Trump’s Been Eroding Our Trust of Institutions Too

Bill O’Reilly asked Charles Krauthammer tonight about what toll extreme partisanship is taking on the country. Krauthammer said criticizing the Democrats for that is fine but the other side deserves blame too.

O’Reilly said the Democrats rooting for Trump to fail and seeking to undermine him at every turn is a serious problem for the country.

Krauthammer agreed, but added, “It’s wrong to begin history with the resistance to the Trump presidency.”

He pointed to birtherism and how Trump was leading that for quite a while. O’Reilly didn’t think it was fair to compare the two because birtherism was on the fringe and it dod receive the kind of mainstream backing that a lot of the attacks on Trump are getting.

Krauthammer insisted that Trump talking so much about rigged elections and polls and how he said George W. Bush deceived the country to get into Iraq certainly played a huge part in spreading public distrust.

“When you say that a Republican president lied us into office,” he said, “you are conditioning the country to believe the absolute worst. That is, by the way, treason.”

He concluded by telling O’Reilly, “This is a two-sided affair with the two sides undermining each other to the point where they really are in a zero-sum game to destroy one side or the other.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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