Krauthammer: Today Shows People Should Be ‘More Responsible With Trump Derangement Syndrome’

Charles Krauthammer said that today’s shooting at the GOP baseball team’s practice should hopefully get people to realize they have to cool down the rhetoric and their “Trump derangement syndrome.”

As the Special Report panel talked about the rise in political anger, Krauthammer pointed out to Chris Wallace that the shooter very specifically asked about political party before opening fire.

He recalled how after the Gabby Giffords shooting, people on the left blamed people like Sarah Palin for the rise in extreme rhetoric on the right. In that case, he said, the man was “clearly psychotic,” and while the same is true for the shooter today, Krauthammer also added that there seems to be “a climate of anti-Trump almost hysteria that’s become the norm.”

He made it clear he’s not trying to cast blame on anyone for the shooting, but hopes that this moment will get people to realize they need to calm down.

USA Today‘s Susan Page said that the toxic political climate does contribute to “deranged” people like the Giffords and Steve Scalise shooters taking such horrific actions. Krauthammer said this in response:

“I think there’s a real distinction between a psychotic like [Jared] Loughner who had no political motive––he had an obsession with the congresswoman as a person––and somebody who acts, speaks about, is highly political and ask somebody are these were publicans or Democrats and then he shoots. I’m sure he’s not a normal guy. Normal people don’t shoot. I think there’s a big difference there and that’s why people ought to be more responsible with Trump derangement syndrome.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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