Krauthammer: Why Did Democratic Reaction to Comey Surprise Trump?, ‘These People Are Hypocrites’

Charles Krauthammer contended on Wednesday’s Special Report that President Donald Trump really shouldn’t be surprised by the fierce Democratic opposition to his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

“It’s surprising that he should be surprised,” Krauthammer said on the Fox News program. “These people are hypocrites from the day of their birth. It’s in their DNA. That’s how they function. It was to be expected.”

Moments earlier, the commentator asserted that “the key point here is the administration’s surprise. I think Trump is totally sincere in his attacks, one after the other, on the hypocrisy of the Democrats.”

“I assume the calculation was,” he said, “Democrats don’t like this guy. They accuse him of costing Hillary the election; so there won’t be much of a blowback. Of course they will.”

Krauthammer continued:

“The Democrats are looking for an excuse to say that there’s a great collusion conspiracy, and this is all being done in defense of that conspiracy — which I think remains implausible, because if that was the intent of the Trump administration, it’s a colossal mistake. It would have the opposite effect.”

Yesterday, he did express his personal skepticism about the White House’s given reasons for firing Comey.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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