Krauthammer’s Surprising Admission About His Spirituality, or Lack Thereof

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, syndicated conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer delved into his personal conception about spirituality and God. Quoting prominent scientists and philosophers, Krauthammer indicated that he does not believe in a God, but has such reverence for the complexity of the universe that he is not opposed to the notion of creative force.

Asked about the number of books on religion around his office in a recent interview, Krauthammer was quizzed about his views on God and spirituality.

“There was once a philosopher who said, ‘I don’t believe in God, but I fear him greatly.’ That’s about where I am,” Krauthammer told The Daily Caller’s Jamie Weinstein.

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“I’ve had a fairly difficult and complicated notion of the deity,” he continued. “If I tried to explain it I would simply say — and this is by no means associating myself with the greatness of the man — but I would associate myself with [Albert] Einstein’s conception of God, which was a recognition and an awe before the mystery of the order and beauty of the universe, which would imply that there is something very mysterious and very awesome, awe-inspiring, about the universe.”

Watch the video below via The Daily Caller:

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