Kris Kobach Throws Kirstjen Nielsen Under the Bus: DHS was ‘Biggest Impediment’ to Trump on Immigration


President Donald Trump will need a new Homeland Security secretary now that Kirstjen Nielsen is gone, and it seems former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is making an early appeal to take her place.

A week after Kobach told Fox Business that asylum seekers at the border should be kept in “camps,” he spoke to Tucker Carlson on Monday night about why Trump keeps running into roadblocks for the immigration policy he ran on in 2016. Kobach answered that the DHS is actually the “biggest impediment” to Trump’s agenda, and that “leadership for the past two years has been unwilling to execute many of the president’s plans.”

“From direct personal experience, I have been in the room when the president has given expressed orders to leadership at DHS and been assured those orders will be carried out,” Kobach said. “There has been deliberate foot-dragging and I think that’s why you’re seeing the White House take the necessary steps to clean house.”

The conversation continued with Kobach saying if he were in charge, he would finalize border enforcement policies so migrant families could be detained indefinitely without having to separate children. His second proposal was for isolating migrants in areas where their immigration claims could be processed “instead of just turning loose these bogus asylum applicants on to the American streets never to be seen again.”

The last idea Kobach offered was a regulation on Mexico that would forbid immigrants from wiring remittance to their relatives. He also called for building the wall and for “fifty executive actions” Trump needs to take.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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