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Kristol, Scarborough: Agenda-less GOP ‘Treading Water’ in Midterms

On Wednesday morning the Morning Joe crew beat up on Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who defeated his tea party rival Matt Bevin in the GOP primary Tuesday night. Host Joe Scarborough and Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol argued that the Republican Party was acting as if it had already trounced its Democratic opponents, and were failing to put forward actual policies that might win new voters.

“I know why you’re nervous and I’m nervous, too,” Kristol said. “The Republicans in Washington are treading water. They think, we’re getting a wave, we just have to sort of bob along, the wave is going to carry us over. I get nervous when I see that…I think the failure of the Republican leadership, especially in the House, to have an agenda, to push the issues, to go populist—”

“If you watch the tape of Grimes and McConnell, you just come in fresh,” MJ regular Donny Deutsch said, “and you see McConnell, who was yesterday, who’s treading, and you see Grimes, and that’s all in, in your face, you and me, let’s go—one looks like a winner and one looks like a loser.”

“When you’re going ninety miles an hour, nobody stops you,” Scarborough said. “If Mitch McConnell could have said last night, instead of making it his opponent, said, hey, ‘Let me tell what you we’re doing right now.’…Issues, issues, issues.”

“What is the agenda?” Kristol asked. “If I were a swing voter out there, I’d say, I’m tempted to vote for the Republican, maybe inclined to vote for the Republican. But what is the Republican Congress going to pass? They’re not running aggressively on that.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

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