Kudos For Obama? GA, LA Politicians Argue Over Whether POTUS Gets Credit For States’ Job Growth

On Friday’s Starting Point, right on the heel’s of June’s disappointing jobs report, Georgia congressman Phil Gingrey attributed his own state’s improved unemployment rate to “our CEO, Governor Nathan Deal.”

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He continued:

We have a Governor that knows what he speaks about and knows about economic development, that keeps our taxes low, stimulates job growth in the state of Georgia. But this President has done nothing of the such […] We have passed over 30 job creating bills, and they are stacking up on Harry Reid’s desk like cord wood. and that’s why congress is not making any progress. Speaker Boehner is doing a great job. Leader Reid is doing a horrendous job.

“Congressman, let me ask you a question,” said New Orleans mayor Mitch Landrieu. “If unemployment is down in Georgia and down in Louisiana, why doesn’t the President get the credit for that rather than the blame? Y’all seem to keep trying to have it both ways. and you blame him for everything and give him credit for nothing.”

“Well, let me ask you about the 5.5 billion dollars in federal contracts and grants and in stimulus money that your state actually got, right?” added host Soledad O’Brien. “That funded 193,000 jobs. Wouldn’t that just be a clear sign that stimulus money helped your state a lot?”

“He gives with one hand and he takes away with the other,” said Gingrey. “he has expanded Medicaid in the state of Georgia over the next 10 years by about 750,000 individuals. It’s going to increase costs to the medicaid program of over $5 billion. So what this program has done for Georgia has been a net negative, not a net positive.”

“A net negative, and yet your unemployment rate has gone down a significant number,” O’Brien pointed out.

Yes, Gingrey agreed. All thanks to Governor Deal.

Have a look, via CNN:

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