Kurdish TV Station Airs ISIS Parody Music Video: ‘We Come Smelling of Garlic and Onion’

Beheadings are one way to taunt your geopolitical enemy. But a parody music video is a much lighter, cleverer way to get a point across, as some Kurdish people recently demonstrated.

Kurdish TV station KurdSat last week aired a music video created by Kurds mocking the Islamic terrorist network ISIS, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The video was first posted online on Oct. 12, according to Memri TV, a Washington, D.C.-based institution that translates Middle Eastern media into English and other languages.

In the video, men are seen dressed up as ISIS militants, playing with skulls and swords and using guns as if they’re guitars.

A sample of the lyrics: “We are bearded, dirty and filthy / We are brainless with nothing in our heads”; “We milk the goat even if it is male”; and “From Chechnya and the Hijaz we come smelling of garlic and onion.”

ISIS is currently fighting against Kurds for territory in Iraq and Syria.


[Photo via YouTube/screen grab]

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