Kurtz Challenges Rob Reiner for Calling Fox ‘State-Run’: Presume You Know Fox Has Thriving News Division


Hollywood producer and director Rob Reiner recently called Fox News “state-run media” and put the cable network in the same group as Infowars. On Sunday, Howard Kurtz asked Reiner if he was including the news division in that characterization and the Hollywood big shot made some exceptions.

On Morning Joe earlier this month, Rob Reiner was discussing his new film about the Iraq War, and complained that the media was not critical enough of George W. Bush, and too critical of Bill Clinton. During that appearance, he said that Donald Trump is supported by “essentially state-run media, you know, with Fox and Breitbart and Sinclair and Alex Jones.”

On MediaBuzz, Kurtz brought this up and said to Reiner. “I presume you know that Fox has a thriving news division with Chris Wallace and Bret Baier and Shepard Smith and a whole bunch of reporters,” he said. “So I think your label was too broad.”

Reiner then offered the exception “I have met Shepard Smith and he is reporting the news. There is no question about, he is telling the truth. And so is Chris Wallace.”

After that definitive assessment he offered one further exception, saying, “I haven’t seen as much of Bret Baier, but I believe he probably is, too.”

Reiner says he recognizes the difference between news reporting and opinion programming, but points out that the ratings on the Fox opinion shows and are “overtly” in support of Donald Trump.

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