Kyra Phillips’ Odd Disclosure: “I Go Years Back With Adm. Thad Allen”

Reporters get exclusives all the time – for a variety of reasons.

But why would CNN’s Kyra Phillips feel it necessary to go above and beyond to disclose her exclusive from the actual BP oil spill site?

Last night, in a larger discussion about BP’s lack of transparency, Phillips revealed to Anderson Cooper why she got the exclusive:

For full transparency, I was the first reporter there and I was able to broadcast live, because I go years back with Admiral Thad Allen. I mean, we’ve covered disasters together. He’s trusted me, I trust him, we’ve covered sensitive subjects and he facilitated this. Bottom line, Anderson. That’s why I was there. Bottom line.

She made a similar disclosure this morning. Could this be the reason? David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun praised the reporting yesterday but also asked: “But what do you think about the access? Why now, why this reporter?”

I guess now everyone knows.

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