Kyron Horman’s Family Pleads For Stepmother To Cooperate With Investigators

All interest in the sad story of missing Oregon boy, Kyron Horman, has continued to focus in on the child’s stepmother, Terri. There have been clear signs all week that the rest of the family has been distancing themselves from the woman. Kaine, the father, has filed for divorce from her and gotten a restraining order and the family had started releasing their public statements signed by everyone except for her. Now, the family has released a statement explicitly pleading with Terri to cooperate with investigators.

On the Today Show yesterday, they detailed the stepmother’s background which includes allegations of adultery in previous marriages as well as problems with alcohol. They also showed the family’s heartfelt statement. Mediaite founder and NBC Chief Legal Analyst Dan Abrams appeared and claimed that this statement shows the family hoping that Terri will come forward and help in any way including a possible confession.

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