LA Clippers Rookie Caught on Live PD, Tells Cop ‘I Don’t Have a Job’


Whenever you tune into A&E’s hit show Live PD, you never know what you’re going to see, considering that the program follows multiple police departments live on the air. At times, we’ve witnessed tense drama, such as a high-speed chase ending with a police officer battling a man holding a baby in his arms.

And other times, we get what we had last night, in which a familiar face suddenly pops up, leading some viewers to go “I know that guy!”

During an incident in Richland County, South Carolina, Lt. Danny Brown questioned a man who had pulled over to check on a woman who was pulled over for speeding. It turned out that not only was the man a former college basketball star in the area — South Carolina’s Sindarius Thornwell — but he had just recently signed a contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Brown described the incident as he walked up to Thornwell’s brand new Porsche, stating that the woman was chasing Thornwell in her car with his clothes in the back as she was apparently kicking him out of the house over him attending a party. When he reached Thornwell, he asked the basketball player where he worked at.

“I don’t have a job,” Thornwell responded, despite having just signed a three-year, $3.8 million deal a couple days earlier and wearing a Clippers T-shirt. Brown noted that he looked familiar, obviously referencing the fact he was a big star in the area.

The two men discussed the incident a bit, with Brown leaving Thornwell after verifying everything was OK. Of course, sharp-eyed sports fans jumped on Twitter to note Thornwell’s appearance:

And Thornwell himself commented shortly after his Live PD debut, highlighting that his girlfriend wasn’t kicking him out:

Watch the clip above.

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