LA County Bans Plastic Bags, Fox News Wonders What Will Happen To All The Dog Poop


Los Angeles County, yesterday, approved a measure to ban single-use plastic bags for the sake of the environment. In covering the story, Fox News’ Shannon Bream (in for Megyn Kelly) and Trace Gallagher asked the tough question, namely, how’re people going to pick up dog poop? As usually happens when a major news network spends a minute discussing poop, I was ready to write a whole bunch of snarky jokes and then call it a day. But then, something happened. I started thinking about and realized it was a pretty good question. What is gonna happen with all that dog poop?

I mean, if I’m going to pick up poop with something, I don’t then want to bring that bag home to use again. Mediaite Editor in Chief, Colby Hall, suggested a newspaper and I guess that makes sense. But newspapers are expensive and not every street corner has those boxes with the free real estate listing papers. Clearly, if this anti-plastic bag movement spreads, there’s going to be a huge market for an organic poop picker-uppers. Readers, get on that and send us some of the money you make.

Either way, I have to hand it to Fox News. Their report got me to really think. Sure, I was thinking about dog poop but, eh, I don’t have anything better to do.

Check out the clip from Fox News before and see if you can answer this deadly serious dilemma. Also, see if you can figure out if Bream’s dog is actually named Poochie and, if so, whether he will one day leave her when his planet needs him.

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