LA Times Writer Shreds Jussie Smollett on CNN: ‘No Space’ For Him to Lead Against Bigotry if This Was a Hoax


Los Angeles Times columnist LZ Granderson tore into Jussie Smollett on Thursday over the allegations that the Empire actor faked a hate crime against himself.

Smollett’s case has dominated the news ever since the Chicago Police Department arrested him for disorderly conduct — accusing the actor of filing a false police report claiming he’d been assaulted. Speaking with Brooke Baldwin on CNN Thursday, Granderson — while cautioning that people must still not rush to judgment — said he was furious following Chicago PD’s press conference.

“I, for one, as an openly gay black man in the media, am incredibly frustrated, angry, upset that someone would use their platform in this way to promote only themselves,” Granderson said. “We’ve seen people use racism and homophobia in this society for their personal gain in the past, but for some reason, this just feels worse because he positioned himself as a leader of a cause while also doing this sort of thing.”

Granderson finished his point by saying if Smollett’s assault was a hoax, “he has absolutely no space, none whatsoever, to reassert himself” in any movement against racism and homophobia.

Ana Navarro was also part of the conversation, and she seconded Granderson by saying “for this man to cheapen [hate crimes] in order to make himself more important and more valuable is absolutely unforgivable.”

The discussion went on with Granderson remarking on people who don’t come forward after being victimized in crimes for fear of not being believed. He said Smollett has made life more difficult for these people and for police by casting skepticism on their cases.

Watch above, via CNN.

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