Lanny Davis Says He’s No Longer Cohen’s Lawyer: ‘I’m Now Exercising My First Amendment Rights’

Michael Cohen‘s now-former lawyer Lanny Davis spoke with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, the same day as Cohen was sentenced to three years in prison.

During that interview, he first made it very clear that as of today, he is no longer Cohen’s lawyer.

“Lawyers have constraints, and the case is over, the sentencing process is completed,” Davis explained. “Now my media ability to talk and explain and certainly understand Michael Cohen, I can speak much more freely, and I’m now exercising my First Amendment rights.”

He also explained that his former client — and still his good friend and advisor — is not done spilling the truth.

“I am thinking of John Dean in 1974, whose crimes included very serious obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, doing a lot of the evil work in the Nixon White House that he ultimately owned up to,” Davis explained, comparing Cohen to the Watergate figure. “But there was a moment, and he and I have talked about that moment, where he needed to tell the truth about what he had seen and heard, even though he was involving himself in all of those crimes.”

“That moment will come for Michael Cohen,” he added, before stressing that while it will in his estimation come, it will not come until after the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s work.

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