Lara Logan Goes After CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon on Hannity: ‘Are They Opinion Hosts?’


Speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday, former 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan accused CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo of blurring the line between news and opinion.

“I’m not a politician right, and not a political reporter,” Logan began. “My concern as a journalist is trying to figure out what the facts are and trying to figure out what people are actually representing and what they’re trying to do in the election.”

She continued on: “And as journalists it seems to me, our job is to do that. That is our duty. But what I really want to know, Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, are they opinion hosts? Are these opinion shows or news programs? That is a important distinction. And people tell me, American people, that is what they want to know. When they turn on the news they want the facts. When they turn on an opinion show like years they want your opinion.”

She then asked, “So where do these people stand?”

Hannity then responded by saying he knows where he stands.

Logan, however, was not done.

“As an organization, where does CNN stand?” she further pressed. “Have you taken a political position or have you not? The problem with what has been happening in the media as far as I’m concerned is that we claim the middle ground. We claim to be objective and we are not. That is dishonest.”

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“I am a radio and TV talk show host. I have hundreds of hours I can produce straight reporting,” Hannity explained. “We do investigative work, they are too lazy and too partisan to do and we also do opinion and sometimes sports, sometimes cultural issues, we are like the whole newspaper. That is my role. Is that fair?”

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