Lara Trump Slams NBC For Grilling Ivanka About Dad’s Accusers: ‘Incredibly Inappropriate’

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo had Lara Trump join her to talk about the fact that Ivanka Trump was asked about her father’s alleged sexual misconduct in a recent NBC interview, while in a recent appearance on Today, Chelsea Clinton was asked no such question. (Maybe because Chelsea’s father isn’t currently president — Ivanka’s is, and she also happens to be one of his senior advisers.)

“If it wasn’t for a double standard the media would have no standard at all in this country,” Lara Trump told Bartiromo. “It’s shocking, it is ridiculous, it’s sad, I could give you a million words to describe this but it’s not surprising, because the people who are in charge of the mainstream media are out to get the president and our entire family at every turn.”

“I give her a lot of credit for going on NBC quite frankly because they haven’t been very kind to the president. And I thought this was incredibly inappropriate to ask Ivanka and she handled with such class, such grace,” she added.

While Ivanka chastised her interviewer, NBC’s Peter Alexander, for asking her about the president’s accusers (she too called the question “inappropriate”), many pointed out that while she is Trump’s daughter, she is also a senior official in his administration, and should be treated as such.

Bartiromo did not push back on Lara Trump, however, instead pointing out that, “The president actually has a lot of women in his administration.”

“The most of any president I believe,” Trump replied, inexplicably.

Perhaps she was referencing a tweet sent out by the GOP to that effect:

The tweet has since been entirely debunked.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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