Lara Trump: The Republican Party is the Only Party of Tolerance


On Friday night, Sean Hannity invited Lara Trump to react to Johnny Depp‘s controversial joke about assassinating her father-in-law President Trump.

“It’s really sad Sean,” she began. “At least he apologized, I guess?”

The Fox News host mocked Depp’s apology for saying he “intended no malice,” even though he invoked the Lincoln assassination to joke about Trump’s assassination. “Does that sound like an apology?” he asked.

“The people in this country are sick and tired of this sort of thing,” Eric Trump‘s wife continued. “They don’t think it’s cute, they don’t think it’s funny. Johnny Depp is not doing himself any favors with fans of his… It really does speak to a bigger problem which is that this sort of thing has become normalized.”

She then cited the Julius Caesar production, Kathy Griffin‘s photo shoot, and Madonna‘s remarks to prove her point and added that “it’s out of control.”

Hannity then shamed leaders of the Democratic Party like Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton for not speaking out against these instances and asked Lara Trump why they’re staying silent.

“Because they have nothing else to say!” she responded. “They have no platform. They have no real leader. They have no real message and so the only thing they can do is pile on the president.”

When asked about her, Ivanka Trump, Melania Trump, and Barron Trump being specifically targeted by the left, she told Hannity, “I think what we’re seeing is that the Republican Party is becoming the only party of tolerance here in the United States. That’s what the Democratic Party likes to label themselves… It’s really sad that these things are happening but you know the ‘party of tolerance,’ the left I don’t think they can claim that anymore.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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