Old Footage Confuses Larry King Into Thinking Julian Assange Walked Out On Him

What does it say about your reputation for taking a hard question when your interview confuses old clips of your behavior with live events? Temperamental Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had to bear being talked to in the third person for a few seconds tonight as Larry King mistakenly assumed that old footage of him walking out on CNN International’s Atika Shubert was live footage of Assange walking out on him.

King had not even gotten through a complete question about the Shubert interview when footage started playing of his walk-out, to which King responds “oh, he walking off again” and turns to his other guest Daniel Ellsberg, for an answer, only to tell himself hopelessly, “you can’t answer for him.” Then the cameras shift back and King, pleasantly surprised, realizes his mistake when he hears Assange respond to his question (albeit in typical form).

While it is quite funny that King mistook old footage for live footage, and that will of course bring up the cursory “old people” jokes about King that he’s likely used to, it’s interesting to note that Assange has tarnished his reputation to such a degree that people interviewing him now assume that him walking off whenever he gets a moderately difficult question is the norm, and that he has no tolerance for criticism.

The footage from tonight’s Larry King Live via CNN below:

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