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Larry King: Sean Hannity And Rachel Maddow Are “Preachers” Who Offer “No Learning Experience”

Larry King is continuing to make the interview rounds in the wake of retiring from his CNN show, this time returning to CNN as a guest on Reliable Sources and providing some more serious news than merely discussing Viagra or showing off his dance moves. Howard Kurtz grilled King about his famously “softball” interviewing style and received some surprising responses.

King is firmly of the opinion that a host should not overwhelm the guest and is not a fan of any show where what the host says is most important. And as valid justification for criticism he received that he was unprepared for interviews, King believes his style allowed viewers to learn the most, since he would be asking simple, interesting questions that an expert on the topic would likely gloss over. When Kurtz wondered whether it was difficult for King to always keep his opinion out of the conversation, King offered up only a recent example of his interview with Iranian President Ahmadinejad where he wanted to jump up and challenge the Holocaust skeptic more forcibly.

Most interesting was when Kurtz wanted King’s assessment of his former timeslot, and ratings-winning competitors Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow. And King, now a man with nothing to lose, did not disappoint.

King’s unfiltered take on both Hannity and Maddow and their respective shows:

They got better ratings, however, I don’t regret anything . . . I’m not objecting to what they do. They’re more what I guess what television is about today . . . and they’re both very good at what they do [but] I never learned anything while I was talking. So what they are – are preachers – preachers of their opinion. They’re telling you what they know. They’re not learning. There’s no learning experience from either of those programs. . . . I want to learn.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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