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Larry King Sings And Dances On The Early Show

On The Early Show, soon-to-be new co-host Erica Hill interviewed Larry King who danced, sang, and recited strange poetry to Hill’s amused bewilderment. Hill told viewers “For the first time in 53 years, Larry King is without a radio or TV program to host.” Who could have guessed Hill’s seemingly innocuous introduction was truly a viewer warning, since King (who just ended his CNN show) apparently doesn’t know what to do with himself trying everything from a surprisingly successful turn at stand-up comedy, to a painfully awkward song and dance here.

Not only did King slow dance with a hesitant Hill and warble his way through a rendition of “Beautiful Brown Eyes” to her, but he also found time to tell his CNN replacement, Piers Morgan, that he might be sorry for declaring he doesn’t want Madonna on his show. Enjoy the awkwardness bursting out of this clip and let’s hope one of King’s multiple new career opportunities he mentioned actually does work out, otherwise King might next feel compelled to appear on the fourth hour of the The Today Show and try doing magic tricks.

Watch the clip from CBS‘s The Early Show below:

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