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Larry King To Piers Morgan: If You Say “I’m Dangerous,” You Better Be Dangerous

Larry King returned to his old CNN stomping grounds to speak with his successor of sorts, Piers Morgan. Morgan took the opportunity to address King’s earlier comment that CNN had been “overselling” Morgan to the American public, and that he might have benefited from a more subtle, low-key campaign.

“I have the last few months saying following you is like following Frank Sinatra,” said a disappointed Morgan. “I couldn’t have paid you higher praise! To go in my backyard and say I’m an oversold, undangerous…”

King countered by saying he thought Morgan was “fine,” before asking the host whether he had been facetious when he described himself as “dangerous.” “What that an attempt at British humor!” Barum-ching! Sign us up for two tickets on the King of Comedy Express.

King then told Morgan, quite honestly, that he had yet to see him be “dangerous” when conducting his interview. Clearly, he didn’t see the episode featuring the Kardashians. Morgan then, quite dangerously, joked that he would punch King in an effort to win ratings.

Watch the CNN segment and tell us: Does it seem like Morgan is agreeing that he did, in fact, oversell himself to audiences?

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