Larry Wilmore Describes Trump With ​Gump: ‘Stupid Is As Stupid Does’


Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore took a crack at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s performance at the fourth GOP debate broadcast on the Fox Business Network. Or as the comedian dubbed it, “the ultimate expression of contempt for higher thinking.”

If anything, Wilmore’s segment is two days late. The few who watched the debate when it aired (it ranked fourth among the four debates) have already responded to Trump’s behavior, like when he complained about Carly Fiorina‘s interruptions. Not to mention the New York real estate mogul’s asinine reference to President Dwight D. Eisenhower‘s poorly-named “Operation Wetback.”

However, unlike these responses’ heavy unpacking of Trump’s latest gaffes, Wilmore immediately cut through the bullsh*t: “Look, Trump is stupid. Plain and simple.”

“Contempt for higher learning, critical thinking — or as they called it, “elitism” — was always a strategy for smart guys to get into office,” said Wilmore. “But now those smart guys are getting buried by their own creation of dumb.”

After second and third clips of Trump discussing who should get oil and why, and Eisenhower’s (“Good president. Great president. People liked him.”) efforts to expel illegal immigrants, Wilmore tried to keep the laughs going with a Forrest Gump reference: “Stupid is as stupid does.” But he quickly changed his tune when the segment concluded.

“This isn’t funny anymore,” said Wilmore. “It’s just stupid.”

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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