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Larry Wilmore Dismantles Jeb Bush’s ‘Free Stuff’ Comments

For the first time ever last night, late night went “black-to-black,” as Larry Wilmore put it at the top of Monday’s Nightly Show. And he used the newly-increased exposure to go after Jeb Bush for accusing Democrats of courting black voters with “free stuff.”

“The only time black people would have voted for free stuff would have been for Abraham Lincoln when the stuff they wanted to be free was themselves!” Wilmore told Bush to applause from the audience. “What is this weird racist word association that’s going on in your head?”

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

After reading a passage from Bush’s 1996 book, Profiles in Character, Wilmore said, “This is not a gaffe. This is how Jeb Bush really feels. He thinks the systemic oppression of black people by white America is a black strategy.”

Like many black Americans, Wilmore said his mentality has always been to work “twice as hard for half as much.” He explained, “It’s not that we think of ourselves as victims who deserve your handouts, it’s that we know we have to work our asses off to overcome a system that for decades has institutionalized ways to keep us out of society.”

“So the idea that black people are strategizing to get anything for free out of this country,” he concluded, “is insulting, exclamation point.”

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