Larry Wilmore Excoriates Fox & Friends Over Steve Doocy’s Islam Jab: ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’

During a conversation with Texas Senator Ted Cruz Wednesday morning, the hosts of Fox & Friends on Fox News encouraged a conversation about radical Islam in the wake of the deadly attacks in Belgium this week. The Senator currently polling in second for the Republican party nomination again harangued the Obama administration for its refusal to say those magical little words: “radical Islamic terrorism.”

“Well Senator,” interjected Steve Doocy with a heavy dose of sarcasm, “that’s because Islam is a peaceful religion!” Doocy, apparently making his debut at the Yuk Yuk Hut with his well-timed knee-slapper, earned the laughter of at least one audience member: Cruz.

Someone who was not so thrilled with Doocy’s assessment? The Nightly Show‘s Larry Wilmore, who emphatically tore into Doocy and the Fox & Friends hosts Wednesday night with a defiant “Go fuck yourselves” to the roaring cheer from the crowd in his New York City studio.

“A major news network — a so-called ‘major news network’ — and a major Presidential candidate slamming a major religion has nothing to do with political correctness. It’s just wrong,” Wilmore continued. To get a more appropriate take on the radicalization of young Muslim men, Wilmore interviewed “Mid-East Expert Masir Ali,” himself a radicalism Muslim… of a different sort, at least.

Check out the above clip from Comedy Central.

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