Larry Wilmore Mocks Don Lemon: ‘You Went Literal Race Card!’


In the heat of the national debate over whether or not the Confederate flag should come down in Charleston, South Carolina, and President Obama‘s use of the n-word on Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast, CNN’s Don Lemon took an alternative approach. That is, he opened Monday night’s program with a gigantic card with the word emblazoned on it and asked, “Does this offend you? This word?”

Fox News addressed the act for a moment on Tuesday, but from the get-go, we all knew who the real audience was — late night talk show hosts. And that’s precisely what Larry Wilmore did on Tuesday’s The Nightly Show with a new segment called “Calm Down,” which was made just for “the Lemon.”

Wow. You went literal race card, Don! And by the way, that is a very impressive card. Kudos to the CNN prop closet just to have that at the ready.

After showing off his own prop card and poking fun and Lemon’s encounter with a rather angry woman in Charleston, Wilmore and his team put together a hilarious reenactment of the events preceding the card’s creation:

We would now like to share with you that great moment in cable news history when some CNN intern was asked to go down to the local copy place and ask for an n-word sign.

Check out the clips below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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