Larry Wilmore: ‘Paul Ryan Is Completely Full of Sh*t’


Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore had some harsh words for potential House Speaker Paul Ryan, who announced his official bid for the role on Thursday.

Following a long, jokey opening about the New York Mets, Wilmore quickly went back to script and addressed Ryan’s recent announcement. The news, though unsurprising, came after weeks of speculation following the Republican Wisconsin representative’s initial refusal to consider the gig because of the potential time it would take away from his family.

“This is cool. Paul Ryan is standing up for work-life balance,” he said. “Okay everybody, onto our next story!”

The off-camera voice of Andre AllenThe Nightly Show‘s director, then corrected Wilmore and said that he’d forgotten a whole page of script relating to the Ryan story. When the host found the page and his place in the script, he continued: “Paul Ryan is completely full of sh*t.”

Wilmore went on to show footage from CBS This Morning about Ryan’s supposed “hypocrisy,” stemming from his past voting record on measures for paid family leave, which he voted against. In addition, the host took issue with the representative’s penchant for bragging about his gym attendance.

“You can’t complain that you don’t have enough time to spend with your kids while bragging about how much time you spend at the gym,” said Wilmore. “The Speaker of the House doesn’t need to shred his delts and burn his glutes. You’re a dad! Be like the rest of America. Be content with your ‘dad bod.’ Now go see your f*cking kids.”

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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