Larry Wilmore: That DNC Sure Sounded an Awful Lot Like a Republican Convention

Last night, Larry Wilmore recapped the DNC by saying, “The Democrats ended what I have to say was the best Republican convention ever.”

Yes, Wilmore noticed that between all the patriotism, declarations of defeating ISIS, the religious talk, and the fact that a former Reagan official spoke, the DNC was full of things “you would have expected to hear at past GOP conventions.”

And in a reference to Khizr Khan‘s moving speech, Wilmore said, “The DNC was so Republican, you even had a surprise appearance by the Constitution itself.”

He played the clip of Khan calling out Donald Trump and remarked, “If Khizr Khan didn’t move you, then I don’t know, you must be… the Republican nominee for president.”

(Boy, was that prescient.)

Watch the full segment above, via Comedy Central. (Sidenote: this video contains what might be the single greatest graphic created by a late night show for this election.)

[image via screengrab]

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