Larry Wilmore: Will NRA Suggest ‘Arming Every Toddler’?


Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore took on the National Rifle Association in a segment responding to a recent string of child-on-child accidental shootings.

The Comedy Central television personality was responding to last week’s Washington Post article that argued one toddler shooting had occurred every week in 2015 so far. “After spending a few hours sifting through news reports,” reporter Christopher Ingraham found “43 instances this year of somebody being shot by a toddler 3 or younger. In 31 of those 43 cases, a toddler found a gun and shot himself or herself.”

“Should we just not care about this,” asked Wilmore, “and chalk this up to” the infamous Jeb Bush-ism about shootings?

“At the end of all this, I just really have to ask one question for the NRA, gun activists and anyone on Capitol Hill standing in the way of gun reforms. So what’s next?”

“Whenever there’s a mass shooting in America, you guys say, ‘Well this wouldn’t have happened if everyone had guns,'” said Wilmore. “By your rationale, we can solve toddler shootings by arming every toddler!”

The Nightly Show host continued antagonizing the NRA and their supporters, joking about training young children to use guns, renaming the family store Jamboree “Gunboree,” and teaching kids songs like “If You’re Happy And You Know It, Pop A Cap.” The audience’s laughter was slow-going at first since Wilmore’s demeanor appeared more serious than humorous, but the crowd eventually lightened up by the end of the segment.

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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