Las Vegas Man Selling ‘Shoot Cops’ Shirt Insists It’s Not Violent

A man who is selling T-shirts that read “Shoot Cops” promises the supposed suggestion of violence towards police is not what it seems. Francisco Carbajal, the designer of the controversial shirt, says that his shirt did not refer to guns, but to video cameras.

“We’re not promoting violence,” Carbajal told KLAS. “Our message is simple. Pull out your phone and record any interaction with a police officer.”

The shirt’s front image shows a a black and white picture of a police squadron walking down the street, approaching a pants-less woman holding a camera. Carbajal said he has created shirts with similar shock value in the past, and encouraged wearers to inform themselves and show respect to law enforcement.

Las Vagas Police Lt. Randy Sutton retorted that Carbajal’s message crossed the line.

“Somehow, it became socially acceptable within the last year or so to be disrespectful to a police officer,” he said. “His message isn’t about shoot the police with a camera. It’s lies. You can’t fight violence with violence.”

You can watch KTLA’s report here:

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